Interesting tips to enjoy a party without taking alcohol

Going to parties can be fun and exciting because you have an opportunity to meet new people and really enjoy yourself. While at a party you might be offered some alcoholic beverages to drink so that you can lighten up. Drinking alcohol is not really a bad thing, but if you are going to be driving or engaging in activities, that requires a lot of concentration then, you should not take even a drop of alcohol.
The fact that you did not drink alcohol at a party does not mean that you cannot have fun and enjoy yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips that can help you enjoy a party without taking alcohol

1. Be confident
The main reason why a lot of people take alcohol is that they want to calm their nerves thereby enabling them to interact with people easily. The truth is that you don't really need alcohol in order to be confident, all you have to do is to fake being confident. Just talk to someone, possibly someone standing alone and introduce yourself. While doing that you have to keep reminding yourself that you don’t need to take alcohol in order to socialize.

2. Always have a drink with you.
You don’t have to trick people into thinking that you are drinking so that you will be seen as cool. The reason why you should have a drink in your hand is preventing people from thinking that you don’t drink and to stop them from offering a drink, which can be very difficult to turn down.
One great thing about holding a drink is that it affects your body language. When you are not holding a drink you are likely to just put your hands in your pocket or cross your arms, which is a closed body language and may make you feel uncomfortable.
Holding a drink will lighten and open your body language and ultimately make you look and feel more comfortable as well as approachable.

3. Most people are drunk
If you remember that a more than eighty percent of the people in a party are drunk, you can relax because your friend will not notice you.

4. Do something
If you are not going to be drinking during a party, then you should do something so as that you don’t get bored. A good way to occupy yourself while at a party is to dance, sing along with the song being played or you could watch others being pumped up.