Genius ways to travel the world without money and have a great time

Traveling is expensive for those who don’t know the genius ways to travel without money. Yep! You don’t have to be rich to travel the world. And you certainly don’t need to have a large amount of money on your bank account.

All you need is to use your mind and these few tips we’ll reveal in this article. Learn how to travel without money or on budget and still have a great time. Travel can turn into a free and fun experience if you’re smart and know how to handle yourself on the road.

Pet-sit or house-sit? It’s up to you!

Pet-sit means becoming a nanny for pets while the owners are on vacations. This way you will get free accommodation, free meals and maybe a paycheck if you make a good deal with the owners. However, if you prefer the house-sit than go with it. This means keeping the house of owners safe while they’re on vacation or travel as well. This way you get the free accommodation and maybe a paycheck.

Rent your home while you travel

If you want to earn money while traveling, consider renting your own home while you’re on the road. That way you will earn some money and travel some more around the world. However, be extra careful who you rent your home to and take the rent money before you leave!

Try a monastery or a religious guesthouse

Another way to get a free accommodation on your travel is to try a monastery or a religious guesthouse. They don’t charge for sleepovers and you can crash there for a few nights.

Crash in an organic farm or try camping

If you’re willing to work on an organic farm on your travel, you will get a free accommodation, free meals and maybe a salary. However, if you don’t like the idea you can always try camping. There’s nothing cheaper and more exciting than sleeping under the sky someplace unknown.

Deliver packages or pets across the country

In order to earn some money on your travel, consider delivering packages or pet across the country.

Become a travel nanny

Find a family that needs a nanny on vacation and travel with them for free. Although it’s not like traveling alone, you will get a free ticket, free accommodation, and free meals. In exchange, you will take care of kids or pets.

Find a free wifi

If you’re a freelancer who wants to earn money while traveling, always take your laptop or tablet with you. All you have to do is to find free wifi earn some money online to buy your next travel ticket.

Chose walking or take a free ride

In order to save money on transport – walk! Or take free rides by an auto stop. However, be extra careful in which car you climb into.

Start working short-term jobs to earn some money on your travel

Working a short-term job on your travel, like bartender or cleaner is always a good idea. You will earn some money and hit the road again!