Carving Sick Snowboarding Lines on the Slopes

For all you snowboard fans and ski bunnies, you will all understand where I am coming from in my love for tight lines. After all skiing and snowboarding is all about making your tracks down the mountain. Getting up early and hitting an untouched run with fresh snowfall allows you to create fresh new lines on the slope and the feeling is like nothing else.

There is something that only snow sport lovers can understand. While onlookers who have never tried either sport let alone set foot in the snow can not understand why you would battle the cold, snow falling down your back or your pants as you take a big fall. Sure there are some obstacles but what is life without any? But you have to hold in your mind the prize at the end of the road. What is it all for. Right?

Yep that's it you need to have goal to attain and for everyone this will be different. Some will love the thrill of tearing down the mountain as fast as they can go. Others will love hitting the park jumps and rails to try some tricks. While others still will be happy just cruising down the slopes at their own pace, enjoying the epic views and surreal scenery that many snow mountains have to offer. Whatever your goal everyone can appreciate the clean crisp air of a snowy mountain and above all else making fresh tracks. Either on a freshly groomed corduroy run, or like I prefer, through fresh pow pow powder!

Being able to kick off down a mountain, stop and look back that sight is often amazing. When you have the chance to look back and see that you have created that only line down that slope it is awesome. Knowing that you have not had to cross another persons lines and you have the pick of the terrain for where you wanted to go. Simply thrilling and most enjoyable.

So if you haven't ever been to the slopes you owe it to yourself to try. I was lucky enough to get taken to the snow fields on a school excursion while I was very young. Everyone was put into skis and for me this was no good. After failing to get it I almost gave up at lunch time, but was convinced by a good teacher to give it another go. Ok the second half of the day I was much better. Amazing what a break and some good food and a hot drink will do, but in all fairness I was still really crap and overall was not having the best time. But looking back at least I got back out there.

Anyways the lack of enjoyment meant I was not too keen on trying to get back down there. But then many years later I found myself drawn to snowboarding. My mates at the time where heading down and I got involved. Even though I fell, a lot. As most newbies do. I simply loved snowboarding.

Point of my story? Not everyone will love both skiing and snowboarding. Some will and some may like neither. But if you have not tried either you owe it to yourself. Once you have the technique down there is nothing better than carving sick lines down the mountain!